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BuildOpenSSLForWindowsWithDebugSymbols - Step by step instructions on producing .pdbs along with the OpenSSL binaries.

LinkingMfcAndBoostThread - Discusses some problems and resolutions encountered and found when using the great Boost C++ libraries.

Inkwell XWord Feb 24, 2011  -  "Drinking on a Starry Night"

Brendan Emmet Quigley Crossword #309 2011 Feb 24

LA Times, Wed  2011 Feb 23

LA Times Monday, Feb 21, 2011

LATimes crossword, 2011 Feb 18th

LA times, Feb 17th, 2011

LA Times, Tue 2011 Feb 15th

LA times crossword, Feb 8th, 2011

LA Times notes, 2011, Feb 7th, 2011

New York Times crossword notes, Aug 11th, 2008

Notes from the New York Times crossword puzzle 2008, Aug 4th.

Notes from the NYT crossword 2006, Aug 7th

Debugging 32-bit processes on 64-bit Windows - Using a function from the wow64exts extension library.

Get the Serial Number from the Windows command line - read about WMIC, and it's plethora of uses.

NonEditableComboBoxes - MFC's CComboBox can be 'Simple', 'Drop-down' or 'Drop-down list'.  What's the difference?

CatchHangingProcessSnapshot - Describes how to capture process dumps in all Windows OS versions, without installing any special programs.

Register WinDbg as the default debugger - How to quickly switch between WinDbg and Dr Watson as the default postmortem debugger.

MapCapsLockToCtrl - That Caps Lock has to go.  Get more Control on your Home row.  Here the royal we instructs you to swap your CapsLock and Ctrl keys.

Mouse gets stuck in VirtualBox - Solution to your mouse cursor bumping into an invisible wall in VirtualBox.

First-chance exception from a Property Sheet? Solved. - Wrong styles and other entries in a property sheet's resource block can cause messy first-chance exceptions.

Quotes - Fun, intersting or provocative quotes.  BigLongWords - A bunch of words to ensmartify your wordiness.

ZeeAvi - A laid back singer songwriter from Malaysia, taking on the world with help from Brushfire Records.

A gotcha in CPropertySheet, DoModal - A property sheet I was developing was being called through DoModal, yet was acting modelessly.  Here's how and why.

Singapore's Chinese Gardens - A nice place for a stroll, and for photo-taking.  Ensure you spend time in the Suzhou style Bonsai Garden.

MapCapsLockToEscape - I very rarely use Caps Lock, yet I'm reaching for Escape hundreds of times per day.  Alas, this is the lot of a vim user.  By remapping Caps Lock to Escape, I can switch modes in vim without leaving the home keys.

MultipleJavaVersionsInWindows - Use JAVA_HOME in your PATH to simplify side-by-side Java installs.

Cannot start "Performance Logs and Alerts" - A minor problem with a simple solution.

WindowsDebugSymbols - A reminder of the public Microsoft Windows symbol server location.  Public .pdb files to help you get to the bottom of that nasty bug.

Conditional breakpoints in WinDBG - A quick example of the syntax of setting a conditional breakpoint in WinDBG.

AudioBoostInMplayer - Boost mpalyer's volume, past the normal default.

NumberOfLoopbackDevices - Increase the number of loop devices, from the default of 8.  Mount more files as filesystems!

MIT reifies rickrolling.  Students prank their peers, rick rolling all who gaze upon the great dome.

Backup your files for free, using cloud-based storage.  But, do you trust it?

Fun MethodsForPreservingHerbs includes freezing in ice cube trays, ready to drop into a pot, anytime.

The International Space Station captures an erupting volcano, providing scientists with images from a unique viewpoint to debate, and disagree about.

Watch Mehal Shah talk about Fighting Dirty in Scrabble, in a 5 min "Ignite" talk.

Check out Vishal Vaid's TED performance, which blends ghazal and modern vocalization, backed by traditional Indian instruments.

Quickest way to find out what Visual Studio 2005 version you're running.

How to get the UUID Of Devices in Ubuntu Linux - How to mount a removable drive at the same mountpoint, everytime.

Ubuntu Flickering when Alt-Tab-bing - The fix for fullscreen apps flickering horribly when alt-tabbing.  For me, this has effected MPlayer and fullscreen Firefox.

View CHM files in Ubuntu - quick survey of .chm viewers for Linux.

Very cute and smart Becks puppy, being cute and smart.

Rice Paddy Artwork - Japanese rice-farmers are getting artistic. Awesome patterns in the ricefields.  Crop-circles eat your heart out.

ADayOfDeadEnds - This morning I was fraught with frustration, foiled in all my forays.  Indeed, it was shaping up to be a day of dead ends.

ElectroshockTherapyForInternetAddiction - Electroshock is being banned in China, for treating Internet addiction
AndroidNetbookFromAsus - The newest incarnation of the pioneering Eee PC range of netbooks from Asus may be Android powered.

Roast Vegetable Sandwich - Healthy and super tasty.

WorldInformationSocietyDay2009 - This year's theme is "Protecting children in cyberspace".
WinstonChurchillsSpeechesOnline - Sir Winston Churchill's speeches and radio broadcasts are available online, and in the public domain...

CppNamespaceAlias - Describes how, why and when to use namespace aliasing to reduce code clutter in your C++ sources.

MplayerSubtitleSize - The default subtitle text size in mplayer is too large, and my porridge is too hot.  Change it with a command line or config file change.

7zipForUbuntu - The package containing the tool to work with 7zip archives in Ubuntu isn't called 7z, or 7zip...
RichardPyleExploresReefCliffs - Richard Pyle talks at TED 2009.  He presents some of his discoveries at the cliffs of reefs.  Makes you want to become a marine biologist!

OmgMangroomerBackHairShaver - A humourous gadget, the Mangroomer Electric Back Hair Shaver.

CallToPracticalWisdomByBarrySchwartz - A TED Talk by Barry Schwartz, reiterating Barack Obama's call to virtue.

MapCapsLockToEscape - I very rarely use Caps Lock, yet I'm reaching for Escape hundreds of times per day.  Alas, this is the lot of a vim user.  By remapping Caps Lock to Escape, I can switch modes in vim without leaving the home keys.

MplayerSlowToInit - A recent version of mplayer (1.0rc2-4.3.2) is slow to initialize.  There's a few seconds of delay instead of the moving picture exhibition. Here's the fix.

DaemonTheBook - Ex-Tech worker makes good - publishes book

BornDigitalGoogleDcTalks - Professor John Palfrey talks with an audience about his new book, 'Born Digital'.  He discusses the Digital Tribe, and the new breed of 'Digital Natives'.

MySQL Lectures On Google Videos - Three lectures on MySQL hosted on Google Video.  Performance, clustering and the MySQL Engine.

TeachingKidsToMake - Gever Tulley inspiring creativity in the next generation.

CollidingSatellites - US and Russian satellites crash mid-space over Siberia

AuditoriumTheGame - Check out this preview of a new flash game.  It's a stylish audio-visual treat

Ubuntu 8.10 Not Saving Static IP Settings - Bypass the Network Configuration UI for a static IP address on a simple wired network setup to workaround this bug.

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